Shamanic arts for healing, personal growth and empowerment

Shamanism is an ancient tradition of bridging and interacting with visible and invisible dimensions of reality to access spiritual help, receive guidance, healing and reconnect with the inner bliss. 

My spiritual teaching and shamanic methods are based on the endless wonder and admiration for the All That Is, on wisdom shared by the great Teachers of Humanity and my Hermetic guides, and years of training  with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies and Plant Spirit which helped me re-remember my own roots in the Balto-Slavic tradition of wolchows and widmas  (translated as white shamans and old wise women). I live on Manitoulin Island.


Spiritual mentoring 

"In man there must be forces which natural life does not develop. To open them up is to make man like divine." Leading and assisting my students with the process of discovery of our true nature and the breadth and depth of the reality we live in is the most rewarding and satisfying experiences one can wish for.  

Shamnic healing ceremonies 

Shamanic healing ceremonies are helping with the process of personal life-change, re-empowerment, self-discovery and self-realization. The application of shamanic treatments is part of the holistic healing process provided under my mentoring program.   

Szamanka, uzdrowicielka, mentor i doradca życiowy (PL)

Duchowa uzdrowicielka, mentor i doradca życiowy oferująca holistyczny program uzdrawiania metodą szamanistyczną i psychotroniczną z praktyką na wyspie Manitoulin.


Dream work and interpretation

Dreams are doorways to self-realization and the pathway to the innermost centre of one's own self. I work with those who struggle with or are perplexed by the messages received in dreams or nightmares.

Soul guide and medium communication 

Life dances the eternal waltz of coming and going, being, experiencing and passing. Acting as a shamanic medium I connect to the ones you love but are no longer in physical form, and guide them with compassion to a place of peace, love and safety. 

Divination and plant remedies

Divination is a helpful tool in our quest for answer to life's challenges. I use divination in support of all my work. I develop plant remedies to supplement a specific shamanic intervention.